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Hydraulic Press Increased Oil Yield
- Oct 09, 2017 -

Hydraulic Press Performance Advantages: Electric heating using both internal and external heating or individual internal and external heating mode, with automatic preheating before pressing, squeezing the automatic control of the temperature function. Hydraulic Oil Press The use of three-stage press, large output, high oil yield.

Application scope of Hydraulic press: Suitable for users with large oil crushing capacity.

Hydraulic Press Introduction:

1, the use of three-stage press, large output, high oil yield

2, the use of composite multi-stage squeezing, improve the oil yield, Hydraulic Oil Press will be squeezed once the oil. The electric heating part uses the internal and external heating or the internal and external heat, and has the automatic preheating of the pressing chamber before pressing, Hydraulic Oil Press and the automatic control pressing temperature function in the press;

3, the electric heating part uses the internal and external heating or individual internal and external heating way, has the automatic preheating pressing before pressing, presses the automatic control press temperature function;

4, the configuration of automatic filter device, edge pressing filter all finished, so that the oil through multi-layer filter cloth filtration, filtered after the oily more clear. Air pressure filtration method can filter out a large amount of residual oil in the residue, the filtered sludge is dry cake shape, Hydraulic Oil Press thus increasing the oil yield. It is suitable for users with large oil crushing capacity.

Hydraulic press is a new type of oil press which appears relatively recently. Hydraulic Oil Press Compared with the screw press, there is a small footprint and other advantages. Its working principle is very different from the screw press.

Working principle of Hydraulic Press

When the hydraulic press is running, the oil raw material which has been treated well is fed into the chamber. At this time the squeeze spiral transfer to the feed embryo in the push forward, press.

In this way, the oil germ is moving in a high speed operation. The pressure is produced by the pressurized chamber, and the friction and resistance between the oil embryo and the squeezing screw and the chamber will produce a lot of friction, Hydraulic Oil Press resulting in relative motion.

On the other hand, because the diameter of the root of the screw is gradually thickened, and the pitch is gradually reduced, so in the squeeze screw rotation, the thread vigorously push the oil embryo forward, but also outward flip, so attached to the thread surface of the oil layer will follow the shaft movement. In this case, every germ particle in the chamber is equal in velocity, not in the same direction, Hydraulic Oil Press but in relative motion between the particles. At this time, the heat generated by the friction of the movement satisfies the required heat of the oil extraction process. Therefore, it can induce the protein denaturation in the oil embryo, destroy the colloid, increase the plasticity, and reduce the viscosity of the oil-bearing embryo, which can increase the oil yield of the oil press, and squeeze out the juice from the gap of the garden row and the line.

It is reported that the hydraulic press is a broad development prospects, Hydraulic Oil Press because he has other oil press incomparable characteristics. Although the Fukuda company has developed a new generation of oil presses, but he will continue to pay attention to this constant development and change of the market, the hydraulic press industry and the entire oil industry, with the Times, the development and production of more advanced hydraulic press, for the vast number of customers to choose.